Sunday, November 7, 2010

instant regret

after looking at the fellow remixer blogs, all these thoughts came to mind.

why don't i have any sweaters? should i have picked some?
i have too many t-shirts and jeans. should i take one out?
what if it rains? should i add my rain boots?

after some consideration today and looking at what i have to work with, i've made a few changes. i'm taking out 2 shirts, 2 tank tops (they don't have to be included in the list) and the shorts  for 2 skirts, 2 cardigans,  and 1 sweater. so this is it, i can't change since the challenge starts tomorrow.

1 comment:

ClosetConfections said...

i tried very hard not to second guess myself with the remix items i chose. also, i'm not counting rain/winter boots towards my 30 items of need to wear them.