Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 20

sweater: banana republic (thrifted)
jacket: hurley
jeans: james (thrifted)
scarf: gift from friend
shoes: target
i went to joann fabrics to pick out fabric for some new sewing projects, but i ended up not getting anything. i'm not in a rush so i can wait on getting fabric. i should probably make something out of the fabrics i already have.

my mom and i went to my grandma's apt to pick up her old sofa. we rearranged the living room again to fit the new sofa, which totally doesn't match the couches we already have. we also borrowed her dyson vacuum that my mom had bought her a while back. i seriously now want one. the amount of dirt that it picked up was amazing. if i showed you a picture of how much it picked up, you would be so grossed out like i was.

baked some cupcakes (chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream) with jessica - yummy (recipe)


Linda W said...

Where is your excitement, lady? You just hit the 20s! Congrats. You are 2/3s of the way there!
The Auspicious Life

Mandi C said...

What are you making?! :)

And those cupcakes look SO good! Yum..

miriamlee said...

i can't believe u bought punky brwster!!! i was TOTALLY watching that the other day online! hahaha no joke! =) miss u!