Saturday, February 26, 2011


i've sewn a lot of things - clothes, bags, hemmed jeans (for myself and dad), etc....but a lot of them didn't come out exactly how it's supposed to. here are a few...

sewed the bottom corners wrong and the leather handles didn't hold very well - will remake this one correctly

folklore bag - the material was too thick to sew on my machine

this tank was cut too small

didn't have the correct machine needle for this fabric (stretch jersey), darts are in the wrong place :)

fabric fail

this fabric was too thin for this pattern, the zipper sticks out on the side

i messed up on the slit in the back by putting hem tape on it and then ironing which caused this mess

Saturday, February 19, 2011

in search of inspiration....

i've been sick this whole week and my only comfort lately have been oreos and movies.

i haven't sewn much lately, been lacking motivation&inspiration. i have a pile of clothes that needs to be altered, tons of fabric that's waiting to be made into something and a long list of things i want to make....but my laziness kicks in and all i want to do is watch movies or just stay in bed. here's to hoping next week will be  more productive....

a little bit of inspiration to jump start next week:

girl's shimmer-trim sweater-dress (jcrew)
marimekko dress
velvet jcrew dress (orchid grey)

recent sewing project: apron for karen's bridal shower

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

lyndsey hosted a valentine's day swap. i made these felt hearts to be sent out to 6 people (2 out of country and 4 in the US). i also received handmade valentine's in the mail.

handmade felt valentine heart with card
ready to be sent

a few friends and i watched anne of avonlea last night. you can't watch anne of green gables without wearing her signature look - puffed sleeves. so we made some to wear.

afternoon tea
sewing puffed sleeves
watching anne of avonlea very leisurely
showing off our puffed sleeves
puffed sleeves turned into arm covers for protection from the sun old-lady style
roommies - thanks for hosting ladies!

as for today, i'm sick so i'll be spending most of today sleeping and on diet of oj and nyquil.

happy valentine's day everybody!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love me some korean dramas!

....and i'm not ashamed to say it either. i've been on a korean drama kick lately, even got others hooked.

usually i will only watch an episode here and there, but lately i've been going a little crazy. since i have the time, i've been watching a few episodes a day. here's a few that i've enjoyed:

i loved moon geun young in autumn's tale so i was excited to watch this one....of course, the guys aren't bad to look at.

one reason why i wanted to watch this was b/c of kim bum (boys before flowers), but to my surprise, this one is as crazy as a korean drama can get. what's described as the korean sex in the city without all the hbo stuff, the story revolves around 3 single ladies in their 30s. the story was a little crazy: older girl falls in love with a younger guy (10 years younger), older girl's ex wants to get back together until he falls in love with an older woman who just happens to be the younger guy's mom (who had her son at a very young age). crazy, right?

couldn't get enough of boys before flowers so i watched playful kiss (recommended by a friend) starring kim hyun joong from boys before flowers. this one was a lot of fun to watch, reminded me a lot of goong, they even had the teddy bears at the end of each episode.

this is boys before flowers set in the joseon dynasty. this one has everything: friendship, evil ambitious politicians, secret missions, girl pretending to be a boy, boy likes girl who's pretending to be a boy, boy struggles with liking a boy who actually is a girl pretending to be a boy. i finished this one really quickly b/c i couldn't take not knowing what was going to happen next.

side note: korean dramas have the best cliffhangers at the end of each episodes that make you want to keep watching. previews for the next episode do the same, too.

this one was so funny, then got serious, then funny again. the story is like freaky friday where the guy and girl end up switching bodies, which makes for some pretty funny scenes. i love hyun bin ever since my name is kim sam soon (another must watch).

currently watching: dream high

this is like korean fame, it's so much fun to watch with so many korean idol singers. the best storyline is the one between pilsook (a chubby girl) and jason (the best dancer/singer in the school). in episode 8 she confesses her love for jason who only likes her as a friend at this point. she asks him if he would reconsider her after she loses weight in 200 days in which he accepts. her diet is pretty crazy and funny - "eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner, and dinner like the poor". can this diet and jump roping really make you lose 30 kg (about 66 lbs) in 200 days? i thought she looked cute even with the fat suit - reminds me of monica from friends who wore the fat suit, but not as big.

here's the video of her transformation (4:01-8:40, 9:23-10:40)