Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i made....

PANTS! (oh, and a bib)

i found this cute travel print when i went fabric shopping to look for boy-friendly prints.

rosie modeling for baby james

Monday, July 11, 2011

color coordinated

i like to rearrange my room once in a while (best exercise). i've rearranged my room so many times, even switched rooms with my sister after i moved back home and she moved out to attend college (same amount of space, but closer to the bathroom and away from my parents' room - they're snorers). 

instead of rearranging the room, i wanted to try organizing my bookshelf by color. i have a lot of books and they are all over the place - in 3 different bookshelves, on the floor, in the hall closet.


here's my bookshelf (before):



unfortunately, some of the colors didn't really match. i have a few books that have 2 different colors on the spine which caused some confusion....and it now takes longer to locate a certain book. my books were organized before by categories (top row: women books; bottom row: commentaries and references) and by authors (2nd row: john macarthur), but now, it's confusing, but pleasing to the eye. i still have 2 other bookshelves (non-christian books) to organize, but i'll probably get to it later when i decide to change back my bookshelf to how it was before.