Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 5

today i made pillow covers. i had these nasty green ones that i bought from target a while ago, but after many people, including my family, have hugged, beat, laid, drooled, and slept on them, they started to deform. so today i made new covers this afternoon. i also had bought 2 pillow forms from goodwill which i also covered. i love the pattern and color of the fabric, but i'm not sure if they go well with our brown leather couches.

t-shirt: target (thrift store)
jeans: james cured by seun

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Don said...

donna, you make me want to blog regularly. now i just need to decide whether to blogspot, wordpress, set up my own server (the geek in me wants to do that), or stay true to my xanga. i'm leaning toward ditching xanga. thanks for the inspiration. blogs are fun to read. i find them fun to write, too.