Saturday, January 15, 2011

new year

i took some time off of the blog to get some things done before the new year. unfortunately i still have a few items that carried over that i'll need to work on in 2011.

one thing i crossed off was hanging the poster that's been sitting in the hallway for over 2 years collecting dust b/c i didn't know where to hang it, but here it is now over my bed.

puzzle i worked on with a few girls that i glued and framed

another thing i crossed off was finishing the lap blanket. on a sunday afternoon while watching pride & prejudice with some friends, i worked on the blanket and finished the next day.

i also finished the cynthia rowley dress i've been working on during my sewing class last quarter. it needs a little more work on it, the top is a little big and the hemline needs to be a little shorter, but i'm just glad the whole thing is done. i definitely will make this dress again.

some things to look forward to in the new year on this blog:
1. more blogging - i hope to blog more in the new year
2. start an etsy shop - i've actually created one a while back, haven't listed any items up yet, but will soon (stay tuned)
3. refashions - i started the new year by purging my closet (following kendi). i have a bunch of clothes that i'm going to remake. here's a few that i have already altered:

ann taylor loft dress cropped into a top
i've only worn this as a dress once and now it's one of my favorites

old navy maxi dress (thrifted) that was too big on me, shortened and taken in