Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new banner

instead of making a new poster every year and having to pay $ we don't have to make a vinyl banner, i sewed a banner for cbf at uci this past weekend. most of the time was spent on cutting out the letters. i had cut out "wed 730pm" for the bottom, but the table wasn't high enough to display all the letters. hopefully we'll be able to use this for several years.

Monday, September 13, 2010

lazy weekend....

sat afternoon: watched coffee prince (korean dramas are now on hulu) while crocheting a blanket inspired by tif. enjoyed a crunchie that i found at the candy store in long beach, reminded me of the campbells and time in the czech republic in 2002.

sat night: totally forgot, and made a mad dash to m&l fabrics before they closed to buy some fabric. i only was able to get a few prints and ended up making 3 pillowcases for craft hope's conkerr cancer project. then went back to crocheting and coffee prince. after completing 2 squares, i realized that it wasn't coming out as a square, but with scalloped sides. i unraveled the whole thing and called it a night.

sun afternoon/night: spent it with jess wu crocheting and watching miss potter. finished coffee prince and 1 square, then off to bed....

oh shenandoah, i long to see you...

had lunch with a few friends on a nice friday afternoon at shenandoah at the arbor including a new friend:
created by jw

something wanted the watermelon more than jesse
extreme close-up....seriously hate bugs!
i love the food and ambience. hopefully next time i go with the ladies, we'll be donning our big hats to fit into the southern feel.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


love this room setup...
cute patchwork
hope to find a sweater in my closet to make this

i caught a cold last saturday and trying to recover from it. i'm feeling better and finally getting my appetite back. hope to get back to normal soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

macarthur on forgiveness

i just finished "the freedom and power of forgiveness" by john macarthur. highly recommend it!

i highlighted quite a bit of this book. here are some of excerpts:

"a sinner's best efforts at good works are always tainted with sin and therefore cannot merit God's holy favor."

"Reconciliation with God can never be accomplished by a sinner's self-efforts, because all such efforts are themselves inherently sinful. That leaves the sinner with only one hope: if reconciliation is to be achieved, God Himself must be the initiator and author of it."

"divine forgiveness has two aspects....judicial forgiveness God grants as Judge. Such pardon is immediately complete and never needs to be sought again....parental forgiveness God grants as our Father. The forgiveness of justification takes care of judicial guilt, but it does not nullify His fatherly displeasure over our sin. So the forgiveness Christians are supposed to seek in their daily walk is not pardon from an angry Judge, but mercy from a grieved Father. This is the forgiveness Christ taught us to pray for in the Lord's Prayer. The opening words of the prayer, 'Our Father,' demonstrate that a parental rather than a judicial relationship is in view. Judicial forgiveness deals with the penalty of our sins. Parental forgiveness deals with sin's consequences."

"justification erases the guilt of our sin in the eternal court of God, but it does not necessarily guarantee an escape from sin's consequences in this life."

"we should forgive in the same manner Christ forgave us--generously, eagerly, magnanimously, and abundantly. How does God treat a repentant sinner? With total, complete instantaneous forgiveness."

"a morose obsession with one's own guilt is not a godly virtue. It is actually a kind of self-righteousness."