Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 8

it's been a long time, but i finally went to the gym this afternoon. i was very surprised to see so many people there at 2pm. i thought it wouldn't be crowded, boy was i wrong.

 i went to read at coffee studio with jess and chris, then we joined bok & keith for dinner at panera bread. after dinner, we all went back to coffee studio for some more reading/browsing the internet.

jess pointed out that i cheated on my challenge. i did wear something other than my 30 items to the gym, but i'm pretty sure this doesn't count, just like pjs, right?

here's a pic she snapped of me. it was a pretty background, but we didn't get a chance to do the photo shoot, next time.

here's me with a little bit of silliness, playing around with some old sunglasses (yes, i did pop out the lenses, k-pop style)

top&tank: forever 21
cardigan: thrifted
jeans: james cured by seun
flip-flop shoes: old navy


miriamlee said...

very cute!!!

Mandi C said...

Haha, love the popped out lenses!

And if gym clothes counted, I would be in trouble! So hooray for not! :D

Also love the candid. You're so pretty!