Friday, November 19, 2010

day 11

"it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...."

at least that's what i heard on the radio. what i see is a totally different thing.

today i volunteered at the hurley warehouse sale from 1130-730pm. last time i volunteered, i worked with my sister last year so there were moments throughout the day that i thought about her and missed her. last time i got to sit down and mark off the customer's items on the tally sheet before they pay the cashier. there were both busy and slow times so it was really nice. this time, i stood almost the whole time b/c the warehouse sale was crazy busy. i was in the men's fleece/hoodie section. i didn't want to work in the women's section b/c i thought i would have to work more there, but boy was i wrong. i got asked so many things.

"can you pick 2 or 3 items you think would look good on me?"
"which one is the most popular item here?"
"does this make me look fat?" (yes, these are men who asked this)
"do you think this is too small/big on me?"
"what do you think a 13 year old would want?"

after i ate dinner and got a little bit of a break, i was moved to the infant section. it was tiring and i get to do it all over again tomorrow. the incentive is nice and totally worth it, $150 in merchandise for each day i work. christmas presents for the family is taken care of and a little for me. technically i didn't pay for any of the clothes i picked out for myself so i didn't break any rules of the challenge. at least i don't think i did. :)

i did break one of the rules. i wore something that's not part of my 30 items - a hurley staff t-shirt that i have to wear for the warehouse sale. i'm going to wear this item for 2 more days during the challenge so i'm going to remove one item from my 30 - capri pants are gone from the list.

blue tank: target
striped tank: anthro
cardigan: forever 21
jeans: james (thrifted)
mocassins: target

shirt: hurley

my feet hurt.....

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