Thursday, December 23, 2010

renegade craft fair

a couple of weeks ago, i went with a few friends to the renegade holiday craft fair in la. there weren't as many vendors as last time, but i had a lot of fun.

there were some fun things to do. we made our own grocery bags out of old t-shirts courtesy of hands-on 3rd. they had a vintage sewing machine powered by a bicycle.

workout of the day
thea and her t-shirt bag courtesy of my hard work

thea's turn on the bike

thea peddling to help jen
 we also decorated drawstring pouches with stamps and markers.

just like last year, magnolia photo booth was there again with a holiday theme.

several food trucks were there including fry smith.

while waiting for our fries, i met this interesting guy who bought the beard from i made you a beard

time to eat....
raja fries from fry smith - soooooo delish!

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I missed the most recent LA Renegade (summer 2011) but I'm really looking forward to the holiday show. Thanks for the great write up.