Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day 30

tank&top&cardigan: forever 21
jeans: james (thrifted)
belt: banana republic
shoes: target
the day has finally come. i can't believe it's over. it went by pretty quickly. yes, the challenge has ended. i'm glad to have done the challenge, but thankful that i no longer have to take pictures of myself. :)

today i wore some of my favorite pieces. i've seen a lot of bloggers wear their cardigans wrapped around instead of just hanging there so i wanted to try it for my last remix. i'm really glad to wear something else tomorrow besides these 30 items.

yesterday i was sorting through my coats & jackets in my closet. i have quite a bit especially from hurley due to working at the warehouse sale. i pulled out my really old denim jacket. it'll be going in the donation pile. as i was checking the pockets, i found $7. score!


Jen said...

Congratulations! You're so funny: "but thankful that i no longer have to take pictures of myself. :)." I feel the same way. Well, about me taking pictures of myself, not you. Most remixers are happy to be able to wear other clothes. Well, I guess you said that, too. I started late so I'm just halfway through.

I'll have to go back through your outfits. I usually wear my cardis open but I do like the wrapped look, especially with your shiny belt. Your top is femininely cute so open is good, too. I guess you did both.

dotty said...

congrats on finishing your thirty!

and thanks for visiting my blog!

Linda W said...

The wrapped cardigan looks wonderful Yay for finishing! I'm happy to not have daily pictures, too.
The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

YAY! *high five* for completing the challenge! i know i could have never done that!