Thursday, December 16, 2010

recap - 30 for 30 challenge

things i learned doing this challenge:
  • i wear cardigans a lot (18/30)
  • how to wear belts (thanks to many remixers)
  • lots of clothes from the 30 list i've had for a long time, oldest item is the white top (around 6 yrs)
  • i can actually post every day if i really wanted to (hopefully it'll be more regular)

what i would have done different:
  • less skirts (didn't wear 2 skirts from the 30 list)
  • more tops
  • remix a little bit more - some outfits were the same as other days
  • more care into taking pictures of myself - i usually ended up taking the picture in my room at the end of the day

what i didn't expect:
  • wore only 28 pieces instead of 30
  • weather changes - but california weather really is unpredictable
  • clothes envy - following other remixers were great, but there were times when i wanted what they had
  • meeting so many new people through this challenge

would i do the challenge again?

most likely. it was a lot of fun and silly, at times (especially taking pictures of myself)

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