Monday, May 17, 2010

craft sale/swapmeet

a couple of ladies at church participated in the craft sale to raise funds for the czech team. i made a few things that turned out pretty good and some that made me want to scream from the frustration. in the short amount of time, i made an apron, 3 sets of coasters, a bag, couple of drawstring pouches and card/coin holders.

this past weekend, i went to goldenwest college for their weekly swapmeet. i only walked away with 1" white elastic (5 ft long) for $1. serious score! i usually find fabric and some other things, but there wasn't much to choose from this time around. i saw quite a few sewing machines (more than usual), all in working condition. the old singer machine attached to the table was $125. i really wanted the red lantern, but didn't think that i needed it. people sell random things at the swapmeet. i found a table with a bunch of star wars toys, a box full of matchboxes and a guy selling african masks.

on sunday, a group of girls went to the long beach flea market. i ended up not buying anything. i really wanted a few things, but my wallet and conscience didn't allow me. i saw the red lantern again, but walked past it. maybe if i see it for the 3rd time, i might just buy it.

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