Wednesday, April 21, 2010


been sewing a lot more lately, getting ready for the czech fundraiser craft sale.

zippers are not my friend....we haven't been getting along well lately, but i can't live without them. i need them for dresses, skirts, pouches and various sewing projects in the works. i started a sewing class a few weeks ago at cypress college again. a very nice lady offered to pay for my class so that i can take it for free. last night, i learned an easier way to add a zipper. hooray! seriously, it was so darn hard lately and what should have taken just an hour or so took almost the whole afternoon. i think i unravel more than i actually get any sewing done.

here's a few things that i've done so far:

quilt for the living room (working progress)

quilted coaster (finished a set of 4)

zipper pouch
 baby bib and pouch (baby shower gift)

i've also been thrift shopping more. goodwill is a tad too expensive lately so i've been going to the lincoln thrift store, salvation army and rewear warehouse. they have the best deals that i've seen. the lincoln thrift store has 50% off 3 color tags usually once a month (fri/sat). the salvation army had a really good deal - 10 clothing items or more for $2/each. rewear warehouse has 50% off everything (except vintage) on wed, 30% off 2 color tags every day and 30% off everything (except vintage) on sat and sun. right now, i have a lot of fabric and clothes, but if anybody wants to donate to my pile, let me know.

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