Tuesday, May 18, 2010

too many blogs...not enough time

ever since i started sewing, i've been hooked on a lot of blogs that give me inspiration, ideas and tutorials. every day i would check over 20 sewing/craft blogs and websites. i spent way too much time every single day looking at them, but then discovered google reader. it helps me organize all the sites i like and will let me know if there any new posts. i can now check each blog/website on google reader instead of going to each one separately. i can also "star" the posts that i want to come back to or archive. now my list of 20 blogs has increased to....way too many to count, but it's so much more convenient to look at google reader.

google reader recommends sites to view based on what you subscribe to. i recently subscribed to a few blogs of fashionable ladies who take pictures of themselves wearing outfits that they put together.

it's not like they made their own clothes (some have), but they're modeling clothes that are from jcrew, anthropologie, gap, etc. some model vintage clothes. i was surprised and hooked. i'm now a subscriber and are getting "tips" on how to dress and accessorize. i need help in this area. i'm horrible at color coordinating outfits.

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rosie said...

Yay I found your blog! :)