Thursday, October 6, 2011

hit with reality...

i'm using the app myfitnesspal to keep track of my daily calorie intake and exercises. the app is a great way to see how much i'm eating and how many calories i'm burning from exercising.

so last week after my workout at the gym, i thought i would just grab something cheap for lunch. why not eat a delicious hot dog at costco for $1.50? i check myfitnesspal and the hot dog is 430 calories. wow! that's not even including the glob of ketchup i eat with my hot dog (i put A LOT). i went home disappointed and ended up eating at home (which was the better option anyways). at care group, janice brought porto's for snacks. i resisted the temptation to eat them since i already had dinner (only ate a small slice of fruit tart), but took home 2 potato balls to eat the next day for lunch. i checked the app and it was 440 calories for just 1 potato ball! OMG! i ended up eating one and then throwing the other one away (so sad).

i have a love/hate relationship with this app. some days i love it, some days i want to delete it. it's killing my mood and appetite. some days i just don't want to eat when i think about how much calories i would consume, but then i eat way less calories and start craving the dark chocolate frosting in the fridge.

i noticed that when i weigh myself at home, the scale shows that i haven't lost any weight so i checked my weight at the gym today thinking that my scale was off and that i was actually lighter since i've been watching what i eat and have been working out. i'm actually 5 lbs heavier than what i weighed on my scale. all this time, i've been thinking one thing and the whole time my scale was deceiving me. i'm going to have to up my gym visits from 3x to 5x a week. this week.

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Anonymous said...

thats awesome! keep going!!!