Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

lyndsey hosted a valentine's day swap. i made these felt hearts to be sent out to 6 people (2 out of country and 4 in the US). i also received handmade valentine's in the mail.

handmade felt valentine heart with card
ready to be sent

a few friends and i watched anne of avonlea last night. you can't watch anne of green gables without wearing her signature look - puffed sleeves. so we made some to wear.

afternoon tea
sewing puffed sleeves
watching anne of avonlea very leisurely
showing off our puffed sleeves
puffed sleeves turned into arm covers for protection from the sun old-lady style
roommies - thanks for hosting ladies!

as for today, i'm sick so i'll be spending most of today sleeping and on diet of oj and nyquil.

happy valentine's day everybody!

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