Saturday, February 26, 2011


i've sewn a lot of things - clothes, bags, hemmed jeans (for myself and dad), etc....but a lot of them didn't come out exactly how it's supposed to. here are a few...

sewed the bottom corners wrong and the leather handles didn't hold very well - will remake this one correctly

folklore bag - the material was too thick to sew on my machine

this tank was cut too small

didn't have the correct machine needle for this fabric (stretch jersey), darts are in the wrong place :)

fabric fail

this fabric was too thin for this pattern, the zipper sticks out on the side

i messed up on the slit in the back by putting hem tape on it and then ironing which caused this mess

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Jexca said...

cut too small, eh? i think that goes in the "give to jessica" pile :{