Wednesday, February 17, 2010


haven't been able to update...not sure what to say.

only one word comes to mind - thankfulness. thankfulness for God's grace, for His faithfulness, for the gospel that saved me and brings me eternal joy and hope, for my family, for my church family, dear friends (old and new) and so much more to mention. the Lord has been very gracious in giving me strength to endure what was the most difficult event in my life to this day. although grief is something that i haven't truly experienced until this past december and i'm still not sure how to cope, but He continues to be faithful to His promises - to always be with me, to be the God of all comfort. i think the best thing to come out of this tragedy is my parents. i've seen them grieve and have seen them leaning towards God. i'm glad that they were able to see the love my church poured upon our family and they long to have that which helped them to seek out a church body of their own. i'm praying not that the Lord would make our lives a little easier, but for even more opportunities to trust in Him more.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing donna -- so encouraging to see Him working in you & providing for you through this time...

btw, didn't know you had a blog, and a craft blog at that! let's be blog buddies!

Anonymous said...

donna, so glad to have found your blog! so encouraged by your list of thankfulness. i'm thankful :-)