Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 reflection

sorry it's been a while. i blame my new obsession - instagram (follow me: donas79), not really, just been quite busy with things.

let me start with some exciting news first. i FINALLY got a job! yes, after almost 3 years of unemployment (25 job interviews in 2011), someone decided to take a chance on me. i've been feeling so much like a charity case asking my parents for $ and having friends pay for me (thanks friends). i'm thankful to be working again. i just started this week and my first day at work felt like the first day of school - thinking about where i'm going to sit, who am i going to eat lunch with, making friends, etc. thankfully someone else started the same time as me so the attention isn't just on me. one thing that's been hard is going to bed early. i'm used to sleeping very late and waking up late. i've had to adjust my sleeping schedule so no more late night internet browsing and watching korean dramas. i made a list of things i wanted to do before i started work. that didn't work out too well...lots of things to cross off, but i 'm giving myself until the end of january to finish them all.

i'm truly thankful for 2011. it's been a hard year, but i'm really thankful that God has taught me to look to Him, to trust in His perfect timing. i'm looking forward to what God will do in 2012.

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