Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thrift find....

my favorite children's author is beatrix potter. i loved reading her little books when i was little. i used to spend the summer at my cousin's house and she had the complete box set which i would read over and over whenever i was at her house.

ever since i saw the peter rabbit print framed in rosie's kitchen, i've been searching for something similar. i saw them at the rose bowl flea market last time i went, but they were asking for too much for them so i passed. a few weeks after, i was perusing my favorite thrift store and found these 3 babies:

i couldn't believe it! and they were only less than $2 each. i particularly didn't want the fox (tale of jemima puddle-duck), but i took it anyways. i haven't had a chance to pick a place to hang them in my house and they've been collecting dust for a while, but i started to think about where to put them when i started cleaning my room a few weeks ago. i had printed this picture i found online and it was just hanging on my wall so i decided to frame it:

feed your soul....with some seoul

i took the fox frame, cleaned it up and put the print in the frame and hung it on the wall.

i'm still trying to figure out where to put the other 2. i might put the tailor of gloucestor in the other room with my sewing stuff and the tale of peter rabbit somewhere in my room, not sure exactly where yet.

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