Thursday, May 19, 2011

exploring new territory...

since i've been more interested in knitting/crocheting and korean dramas lately, i haven't had much motivation to start sewing again. thankfully, i had 2 opportunities to get back in front of my machine again:

1. tailoring

i've been looking for part-time sewing jobs, but haven't had much luck since i lack the professional experience. i had the opportunity to put some of my sewing skills to work by tailoring don's pants and sweater. unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures. i had to unravel quite a bit until i figured out what i was doing wrong, but in the end, they came out better than expected. hopefully the next time don wears his pants, they stitches don't come undone. i sewed the stitch line pretty tightly so they shouldn't, but you never know.

2. children's clothing

i've been wanting to try sewing children's clothing for a while, but i've been lacking the opportunity. i've made the occasional baby shower gift of baby bibs and drawstring bags, but haven't branched into clothing. frankly, i know that if i make one for someone, then i'm going to have to make them for everyone i know. thankfully, all my friends are having boys this year except for one. for connie, i made a dress for london from this tutorial (minus the piping). it only took a few hours to make and wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. the only thing was that it's so small that it barely fit around my sewing machine.

one happy momma
i need some ideas for boy's clothing. dana from made celebrated boys and have lots of ideas. i might try making pants (those are pretty easy) and shirts. i have a few other things in mind for boys, but i'm keeping those a secret for now.

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Connie said...

LOVE!!! excellent job, i can't wait to put her in it for her debut at church! thanks donna :)