Wednesday, October 13, 2010

project list....

this list is going to keep growing...

yesterday afternoon, i started one project - new pillowcases. i had bought just plain white standard pillowcases at target a few years back and now it's an off-white color so it was time to change them. i found this really cute print last week at m&l.

my reindeer sleeps in the same position as i do :)
i eventually have to change my body pillowcase and want to make a new duvet cover, but will have to put that on the bottom of the list.

i started a sewing class on tuesday nights. my sewing teacher graciously sponsored both stephanie and i to take the class again this quarter. we started taking sewing classes at cypress community college less than 2 years ago when we were laid off from our jobs. the classes were a lot cheaper then and they even offered the class for free for one semester right before they bumped the price. the price is still pretty reasonable and much cheaper than taking the class at a fabric store. instead of class, steph and i, along with michelle ton, started sewing together about every other week for spiritual accountability and also in our sewing, but now we started the class and i'm back to sewing almost every week. 

last night, i went to class and started working on my cynthia rowley dress. i ran out of the polka-dot fabric since i only purchased 1 yard so i went to m&l and bought the purple. of course, i ran out of the purple and now need less than a yard for the back of the skirt.

i'm making the blue dress on the bottom left without the sleeves
(maybe i'll make sleeves, depends on how it looks)

i'm also going to make a coat in class since the dress won't take long to make. i started cutting out my pattern, but haven't bought fabric yet.

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