Wednesday, August 11, 2010

renegade craft fair - LA

a few friends and i went to the renegade craft fair in LA a couple of saturdays ago. there was soooooo much to see that i could barely take any pictures. i was so amazed by all the creativity and felt a little weird taking pictures, even more weird and awkward asking about their inspiration and blogs (since i'm an avid blog follower to some). here's a few pics from the fair:
lil sprinkles
tine sparks design
kata golda
beyond wonderland (love the fabric)
forgot which booth this the button earrings
future project: bookbinding (this guy put together old books and blank lined paper to make these)

one highlight of the fair was getting to meet susan at freshly picked. i've been following her blog for a while now and felt a little starstruck as i was looking at her booth. i was thinking about how i was going to talk to her when i overheard her and her boothmate talking about how people approach them. i felt a little weird, but mustered enough courage to talk to her. she was super nice. for the brief time i got to talk to her, i wanted to pick her brain for inspiration but came away happy to meet someone so nice and obliging to my questions. i didn't want to go away without one of her cute products and ended up with this one:

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